How It Works

Learn About Our Pure and Natural Beauty Products

All of our bases and lotions are naturally prepared and offer effective and restorative benefits to the skin and hair. They’re derived from nature-derived plants, oils, and seeds with a long history of addressing skin concerns. They can be used “as is” and are proven to be safe and effective, even for the most sensitive skin.

But why not give our bases a boost in performance power with the addition of pure essential oils? Our essential oils are of the highest quality. Don’t be misled by using “fragrance” oils – the ones you’ll find in commercially prepared products. They offer no therapeutic benefits and may even cause skin and hair irritation. Ditch the toxifying ingredients found in commercial products and enjoy healthier skin and hair the natural way.

Our pure essential oils have been used since ancient times to treat many conditions; although our primary focus is on skin and hair. We’ve selected the oils that have been proven to offer comfort, healing, rejuvenation, and soothing properties. They can also be diffused for aromatherapy benefits.

Choose your kit and select one essential oil of your choice. You may add other essential oils to your order if you’d like to experiment. It’s fun to be a “kitchen chemist!”